In an effort to expand our community, we have revamped our site policy to now include free members. While there will be some restrictions for non-paying participants, we will retain VIP memberships for those that are willing to pay the modest fee in exchange for more flexibility and extra benefits as reflected in the chart above.

Our policy concerning listing fees has not changed. As always, both free and VIP members will never pay to list an item at

While our VIP members enjoy an instant “trusted status,” our free members must earn this privilege and can do so only by participating in three or more successful auctions, whether as Buyer or Seller. Whether this status requires three successful auctions or more will be determined at our discretion considering how smoothly the transactions were or were not completed.

Escrow services also very according to membership @

Once we receive payment from a Buyer for an auction listed by a VIP member, we will immediately send the Seller any shipping costs paid by the Buyer plus 10% of the sale price, or .01 BTC, whichever is less. The remainder will be sent to the Seller within the allotted 3 day period as per our Site Rules.

The difference for free members is that we will send no money until the 3 day period has ended.

Please click below to transfer to our store to become a VIP. Thank you!